Nest Ledge for Barn Swallows & Cliff Swallows


Gabled Barn Swallow Ledge Plans and Dimensions     Wear Eye Protection





             Gabled Barn Swallow Ledge Assembly><br>
    <font face=                  1. Attach Sides to Back Panel.                                                                 2. Attach Floor.  
                  Insert Screws from Back Side with                                                   Insert Screws from Underside
                          Phillips Screw Driver                                                                             and Back.


Gabled Barn Swallow Ledge Assembly     Wear Eye Protection

3.  Attach Roof Half.                            4. Attach other Roof Half                            5.   Mount with screws
     to Back and Side Panels                      to Back, Side Panels and                       according to specific Bird
                                                               opposite Roof Half.                                    Species Instructions