(Rock Dove, Street Pigeon)

Order: Columbiformes
Family: Columbidae
Genus: Columba
Species: livia

La. columba  dove, pigeon
La. forma  form, kind, species
La. livere  blueish  
La. liveus  blue-grey

Pigeon, Archibald Thorburn, The Birds of the British Isles, II, T.A. Coward, 1920

These are the pigeons on farms, and country roads, in towns and cities, in city streets and plazas, on wires, rooftops, windows, airconditioners, and ledges.  They nest on any platform that is large enough and has overhead protection and they perch everywhere. 

You hear them cooing in their nests.

They forage for discarded grains and scraps.  They coexist with people and provide a sort of cleaning function, if left on their own.    Though, misguided intentions inflate their numbers to nuisance populations.

If left to themselves to forage for what is discarded, the pigeon population would stabilize at reasonable, beneficial numbers.  Still, concern is confused with obligation to provide sustenance, artificially inflating their population.

Perverted logic preserves the rights of well meaning souls to dump hundreds of pounds of bird seed in city plazas only to be converted to feces defacing building facades and public art and spreading filth on streets and side walks.

It doesn't end there.  Pigeon feces are tracked into our buildings where unsanitary remnants containing pathogens and mold spore end up on our shoes, clothes and hands; in our hair, in our food and in our lungs.

Thousands of office workers breath from contaminated ventilation systems which were intended to ensure healthy office environments, but instead maintain sick buildings and promote asthma and other vascular disease.

There may be relief. London is phasing out pigeon feeding in Trafalgar Square where licensed feed stands have been selling seed to tourists who feed an estimated flock of 6,000 pigeons.


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 Thank goodness dogs can't fly.


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