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Hawk Owl

Order: Strigiformes
Family: Strigidae
Genus: Surnia
Species: ulula

La. strix, strigis  owl
La. forma  form, shape, kind
Gr. surnion  owl
La. ulula  a screech owl

Hawk Owl, Allan Brooks, Birds of Western Canada, P.A.Taverner, 1926
Allan Brooks
About sixteen inches long. Dark-brown upper parts, head and nape spotted with white.  White face, dark brown throat. Tail, back and some wing feathers have white bars. Under parts sharp contrasting white and dark brown bars. Owl like head on a hawk like body; folded wings fall short of its long tail.

Species of the far north and circumpolar. Inhabits coniferous and mixed forests from northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, Alaska, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Siberia to the Arctic. Occasionally a short distance migrant in winter to northern U.S. and Germany and France in Europe.

USGS Hawk Owl Map

Hawk owls build nests of twigs and feathers in evergreen trees and tree hollows, or of a few rotten wood chips in natural and abandoned tree cavities, sometimes in old hawk nests. Bird boxes too.

Lays three to nine white glossy eggs, which hatch after less than one month of incubation and young leave the nest in about another month.


Hawk like habits, a day hunter, often perching in trees watching for prey. Eats grouse, rodents, and insects. Known to hover around hunters waiting for a chance to steal wounded game. Attracted to camp fires. Utters a shrill cry.

The Hawk Owl Birdhouse (same as for the Red-headed Woodpecker and Golden-fronted Woodpecker) has a 6" by 6" floor, 14" inside ceiling, 2" diameter entrance hole located 11" above the floor and ventilation openings. Hinged roof is secured with shutter hooks for easy access.

Nestbox for Red-headed Woodpecker, Golden-fronted Woodpecker & Hawk Owl
Hawk Owl Nest Box Plans

Mount about ten feet high on a tree on a woodland edge or clearing. Leave a bed of chips in the house.


Hawk Owl, Archibald Torburn, The Birds of the British Isles III, T.A. Coward, 1926

Archibald Thorburn


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