Chimney Swift

Order: Apodiformes
Family: Apodidae
Genus: Chaetura
Species: pelagica

Chimney Swifts,Birds of Canada,  F. C. Hennessey

 F. C. Hennessey

Gr. a- not, without
Gr. pous genitive
Gr. podos a foot
La. forma form, kind, species
La. chaeta bristle, hair
Gr. oura tail
La. Pelasgi ancient nomadic Tribe
About 5 inches long with a 12 inch wingspan. Narrow tail. Sooty grey-brown, paler underneath, grey on the throat, black wings.

    USGS Chimney Swift Map

Used to inhabit forests, now mostly in cities throughout the Great Plains to Eastern U.S, and southern Canada. Migrates to northern South America.

The Chimney Swift's ancestors used to nest in forest tree hollows.  Now they suspend their unlined basket like nests of twigs glued together with saliva inside little or unused chimneys and many people are having success attracting flocks to Chimney Swift Towers.

They snap thin dry twigs about an inch or two long for their nests from dead branches while in full flight.

Lays 4 or 5 white eggs which hatch after about three weeks and young fledge in about another four weeks.

Chimney Swift, Edmund J. Sawyer, Educational Bird Leaflets, National Association of Audubon Societies, 1913

Edmund J. Sawyer

Flocks of Chimney Swifts swoop gracefully like swallows overhead catching flying insects in evenings or cloudy days emitting high pitched twittering notes all the while.



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