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Barrow's Goldeneye
Rocky Mountain Garrot)

Order: Anseriformes
Family: Anatidae
Genus: Bucephala
Species: islandica

La. anser  goose
La. forma  form, shape, kind
Gr. anous  foolish
La. anas  duck
Gr. bous  ox
Gr. kephale  head
Gr. boukephalos  bull-headed
La. islandica  island

Barrow's Goldeneye, Allan Brooks, Birds of Canada, 1934

   Allan Brooks

About twenty inches long. Dark purple iridescent head and throat. Black back. White breast and underside. White wing coverts and additional irregular spots. White crescent moon-shaped spot on each side of the head between the bill and the eyes.
Breeds in the far north - Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Iceland, the furthest south being in the mountains of Wyoming and Oregon, in the east as far south as the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Winters as far south as California, New Mexico, the Great Lakes region and Massachusetts.

USGS Barrow's Goldeneye Map

Builds nests of fine twigs and moss lined with down in decaying tree or stump hollows, or in rock crevices near water.

Lays six to ten pale bluish eggs which hatch after about a month of incubation. Ducklings are led to water at a very young age and fly at about two months age.

Dives for fish, frogs, shell fish and tender plant roots and seeds. Also eats insects.

Tolerates cold weather well being driven only by frozen water. Migrates in small flocks sometimes with other duck species. Wings produce a rhythmic whistling in flight; otherwise a silent bird.

The Nestbox for Barrows Goldeneye (same as for Kestrel, Eastern Screech Owl and Western Screech Owl) has a 8" by 8" floor, 15" inside ceiling, 3" diameter entrance hole located 12" (to the top of the hole) above the floor and ventilation openings.

Assemble with corrosion resistant screws fit to pre-drilled countersunk pilot holes.  Hinged roof is secured with shutter hooks for easy access.

Species Nestbox Dimensions for Kestrel, Eastern Screech Owl, Western Screech Owl & Barrow's Goldeneye
Barrow"s Goldeneye Nestbox Plans


Mount at least 10 feet, higher if possible, on a tree trunk, (6' to 8' if on a post above water), in forest bottomlands within 100 feet of a river or a pond. Place some wood chips on the floor.

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