Side Mounted Birdhouse Plans with
Entrance Hole on Left or Right


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The volume and 1 3/8" side entrance hole in these birdhouse plans are designed to accommodate a broad range of bird species.

Red cedar panels are fastened with corrosion resistant screws which easily turn into pre-drilled pilot holes. It has 128 cu inches of interior volume and two ventilation openings in the back

This bird house should not need extraordinary monitoring as
1 3/8" is usually too small for English Sparrows.

It can be assembled with the entrance hole on either side and mounted on a wall, fence, or tree.

See each species page for specific mounting instructions. All of these birds may nest in this box:



Use 5/8" Rough-Cut Stock

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Safety First

Assemble woodworking projects in a safe area on a work bench at a height approximately waist high.

Wear eye protection.  Eye injuries are the most common assembly mishap.

Keep hardware and tools away from children and infants; store away when not in use.

Decide whether entrance hole is to be on the left or right side of the nest box.  See examples above and below.

Align front panel (triangular piece with entrance hole) with base (largest piece) so that entrance hole is toward the top of the base.  The top of the base has two extra pilot holes which accept screws to fix the roof.

Also align front panel with three holes in the base which are inset from the edge.  The base can be flipped side for side and end for end as pilot holes are bored completely through.  Note the front panel is inset from the edge of the base and the back panel is flush with the edge.

Attach front and back panels to the base with wood screws using a screwdriver (screws included).  Back panel must be aligned so that pilot holes accept bottom panel screws.  Leave screws loose until bird house if completely assembled.

Attach bottom panel to front and back panels with wood screws. Note extra pilot holes are on the end of the bottom panel. Attach roof to the base and bottom panels.

Mount bird house securely with large screws through pilot holes in back panel.

Assembly Instructions



Birds That May Use This Box





 Carolina Chickadee

Siberian Chickadee


Tufted Titmouse


Plain Titmouse


Brown Creeper


Tree Swallow



Mountain Chickadee

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

House Wren


Carolina Wren


Bewick's Wren


Winter Wren


Violet-green Swallow

Violet-green Swallow



Boreal Chickadee


White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch


Brown-headed Nuthatch


 Red-breasted Nuthatch


Pigmy Nuthatch


Downy Woodpecker



Prothonotary Warbler




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