2' X 2' Nesting Platform for Red-tailed Hawks & Great Horned Owls
2' x 2' Platform for Red-tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls


Red-tailed Hawk
Great Horned Owl
 Red-tailed Hawk Great Horned Owl

Use weathered graying 2 x 4s and corrosion resistant screws. Pre-drill countersunk pilot holes

For both the Great Horned Owl, and the Red-tailed Hawk, the platform should be mounted 14' or higher on a sturdy post or structure on a forest edge or in a clearing adjacent to a tree line.

Working at these heights is dangerous.  It is highly recommended that platforms at dangerous heights be installed by professionals with experience and the right equipment.

If you must install yourself, take extra safety precautions.  Borrow plenty of scaffolding from a contractor.  Assemble it around the post and install railings.  That way you will have a safe platform to stand on while working.

Protect your eyes.  Eye injuries and falls are common working accidents.   


Plans & Assembly:

Safety First

Assemble woodworking projects in a safe area.on a work bench at a height between waist and chest.

Wear eye protection.  Eye injuries are the most common assembly mishap.

Keep hardware and tools away from children.and infants; store away when not in use.



2' x 2' Platform Assembly Instructions    Stay Safe - Wear Eye Protection



2' x 2' Platform Assembly Instructions          Stay Safe - Wear Eye Protection


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