Ledge with Roof for Barn & Cliff Swallow Mud Nests


Barn and Cliff Swallow Ledge


Barn Swallow

 Barn Swallow



Cliff Swallow


The Barn Swallow Ledge has a 2" by 6" ledge, approximately a 6" ceiling, an open front and partially open sides. 

Mount platform on the side of a garage or shed over looking open spaces from seven to twelve feet high.  Carefully select a location that provides a balance of protection from predators and elements, access and visibility.  

Do not mount in a tree.  Make sure objects that cats and squirrels can climb do not provide access to the nest.  The idea is to simulate a cliff edge.   They like to survey a wide berth from their roost.

Barn Swallows like open sheds and outside eaves.  Cliff  Swallows don't nest near people as ofen as Barn Swallows although they sometimes nest under eaves.  

This item may be useful in only a few situations such as where no shelter exists.  The mud pellet nests of Barn and Cliff Swallows easily adhere to vertical surfaces just beneath existing ceilings and eaves without any aid.  If you don't have an open barn or outside eave, this roof and ledge might attract a swallow. 






Barn and Cliff Swallow Ledge Plans and Dimensions      Stay Safe   Wear Eye Protection





Assemble in a safe area on a work bench at waist height.

Wear eye protection.  Eye injuries are the most common assembly mishap.

Keep hardware and tools away from children.and infants; store away when not in use.

Barn and Cliff Swallow Ledge Assembly      Stay Safe   Wear Eye Protection

            1. Attach sides to back.                                          2. Attach Roof.                           3. Attach Ledge.
           Insert Screws from Back Side with                         Insert Screws from Top         Insert screws from Back Side
                Phillips Screw Driver                                               and Back Side                        and Underside.


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