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70 North American Bird Species Nest in Bird Houses and on Platforms
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Platform Designs for Robins, Phoebes, Doves, Blue Jays Easy Clear 3D-Plans, Instructions

Materials, Assembly, Safety

USGS & FWS Species Dimensions

Species, Mounting, Maintenance

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Feeding Birds Songbird Feeder Design   |   Bird Fruit Chart
Song Bird Feeder 3-D Design, Illustrations, Dimensions, Assembly Instructions Castle Bird Feeder Design

Ohio DNR Hopper Bird Feeder Design

Print Wild Song Bird Feeder Plans
Purple Martins Attracting Purple Martins   |  Purple Martin Houses

Purple Martin House Design

Swiss Chalet Purple Martin House Design

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North Dakota State University Design

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Purple Martin House Plans
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  Cave Bear  Irish Deer  Tylosaurus - Ruler of the Ancient Seas  Phororhacos - 9 ft Tall, 280 lb, Carnivorous "Terror Birds" of Patagonia 
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